Inspired by family...
Designed to celebrate the simple beauty and magic in all of life's special moments

Parken is inspired by our love of family and life's beautiful moments.
It's meant to bring a little more color and 'sparkle' to your life. It's jewelry you can wear everyday to dress up a simple outfit, glitz up for your night out or throw on with a sweatshirt after yoga.
We hope you'll come back again and again to choose new styles to wear for special moments in your life. We hope you'll be inspired to make jewelry a part of your story.

my story...

One of my favorite memories shopping with my mom as a kid was stopping to admire the beautiful diamonds, gemstones and pearls in the windows of fine jewelry shops...if he could, my dad would've bought her every one.

I've spent my entire career building and managing fashion and beauty websites so I was always exposed to current trends and emerging designers. Fashion and fine jewelry were a big part of that. I developed such a huge appreciation and passion for it that I began a personal jewelry collection. I would remember when and why I bought each piece and I loved how I felt when I wore them. Choosing the jewelry I wore each morning was one of my favorite parts of the day.

I knew that if I was ever able to start my own site, I would sell jewelry. I wanted to share my passion for building a jewelry collection. My favorite pieces were always handmade. I also loved the special qualities of real gemstones and how beautiful they were when they caught the light just the right way.

I had a hard time finding real gemstone jewelry that I could afford to buy more than once a year and I had to hunt for styles that I didn't think belonged in my grandmother's jewelry box. This is why I started started Parken.

I was inspired to curate beautiful gemstone jewelry in one place, that people could actually buy and wear instead of just look at and admire. I was inspired by the beautiful qualities and historical importance of semi precious and precious gemstones. But most of all, I'm inspired to create and share something special because of my 3 precious little 'stories', Mason, Parker and Kensington.


Sarah D.