Tarnish resistent jewelry

100% Handmade Artisan Jewelry. Found Only in Boutiques


The sunshiny stone said to brighten the lives of those who wear it. AKA, the "success stone"

Green Amethyst

The peaceful, calming stone said to bring generosity, health and happiness.

Blue Gems

If blue were a rainbow, we'd have every shade from Aqua to Iolite, Lapis to Neon.

Gemstone Drop Necklaces

In stunning rich gems

Lustrous Pearls

Our modern take on a classic gem

Signature Mason Circles

Not found anywhere else

We love making jewelry

Our Style IRL

Each style is designed and crafted entirely by hand. We chose each and every stone. We also know that handmade items can be pricey. We strive to keep our quality high and our prices reasonable so you can own something truly special.

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The Perfect Gifts

From our pricing to our packaging, our jewelry was meant to be cherished making it a favorite gift for anyone.

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