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Summer Sale - 30% Off Everything with Code SUMMER30

Recieve a FREE Gemstone Bracelet with your $100 purchase

Recieve a FREE Gemstone Bracelet with your $100 purchase

Summer Sale - 30% Off Everything with Code SUMMER30

We're On a Mission

To create jewelry that celebrates what makes women beautiful, unique and powerful.

We Believe...

We all have a beautiful personal signature

And we want to help you create it.

Parken Jewelry is jewelry designed for personal style. We use fine metals and real stones to infuse each design with a unique creative signature that you can style to create a story that defines you. Jewelry throughout the ages has stood for many things, but it is often cherished. It's the final touch added to the look you've been planning for a special day, it's the tiny gift that creates a memory that lasts forever, it's an expression of love, joy, art, creativity, it's that special sparkle that represents what makes you unique.

Parken Jewelry was born from the idea that bringing joy to your life can happen through the smallest of things.


I'm Sarah, Founder of Parken Jewelry. I was a senior exec in fashion and beuaty for almost 20 years. I was incredibly fortunate to work with and learn from thousands of brands.

My career had many twists and turns. I was often the only woman on an executive team filled with men. I honestly couldn't tell you exactly how I made it there. What I do know is that women were often surprised at my success because I am often percieved as soft-spoken and feminine. In hindsight, I think it was those qualities (along with my drive, committment and grit) that helped fuel my success.

Why Parken Jewelry

Getting Started....

My personal career experiences inspired me to build a brand that I hoped could inspire all women to be successful by embracing the beautifullly unique qualities that make us truly special, and powerful, as women. Jewelry always had a way of doing that for me.

I loved working with jewelry brands throughout my career and learning about the craftsmanship and the stories behind the brands. I realized that it had inspired me to start collecting and my friends and collleagues started to notice the jewelry I wore. I loved selecting the pieces I'd wear every morning. I realized that ritual had become a unique symbol of my individual personality and style.

To All Those We Cherish

We're Better Together

You'll see my personal touch throughout the brand as I infuse what I cherish into the designs so that you'll have something to own a piece that you know was made with love. The three little people I cherish most, Mason, Parker and Kensington are always so patient with "mom's jewelry work". I'm always thinking of them family, friends and special personal moments when naming our designs.

You'll also find me dedicated to families in another role as the CEO of Nanit, a technology brand that I hope will have a positive impact on the lives of all families.

A Word on Pricing

Committment to Affordability

We know that high standards for quality and craftsmanship which can often drive very high prices.

To maintain more affordable pricing, we sustainably source ethical stones and fine metals both locally and globally. Our female artisans are all based in the USA and they make each style as the orders come in. Our made-to-order process and local craftsmanship help us keep waste, supplies and inventory to a minimum so we can maintiain high quality standards without huge markups on our prices. We strive to pass that value on to all of our cherished customers.

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